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I'm Aleshia

I obtained my undergraduate from Liberty University in Psychology with a focus on Life Coaching. I am a certified Pre-Admission Screening Clinician in Emergency Behavioral Services approved by the Department of Behavioral Health and Human Services.

I have been working for in community based mental health for 7 years. I have worked to help others overcome barriers, learn and implement tools for healthy living, increase self-esteem and manage life events.

I have been working in compliance auditing behavioral health charts for 6 years ensuring companies are prepared for audits and meeting required operating standards.

Life Coaching

  • Needing support and accountability?
  • Wanting to gain insight?
  • Needing help managing life?

I can help!

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  • Getting ready for a Medicaid audit?
  • Wanting spreadsheets or documents created to make business easier?
  • Would like a second look at your client or employee charts?

I can help!

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What Can We Do Together?

Increase Self Esteem

  • Creating a healthy foundation
  • Learning how to feel good about yourself and decisions

Manage Life Changes

  • How to look at the positive in life
  • Need assistance dealing with a major life adjustment?

Provide Accountability

  • Need a "check in" to be held accountable to for your goals?
  • Provide some encouragement along the way when things get tough

If there is no struggle, there is no progress

-Frederick Douglas

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We can do this together.



Please contact me to schedule a free 10 minute consultation to see how we can work together to accomplish your professional or personal goals.